CB RICHARD ELLIS -370-(KCBSO) Sr Underwriter- MAP in Seattle, Washington

18002866 JOB SUMMARY Responsible for all underwriting duties as defined by the Department of Housing & Urban Development's Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) guide, the LEAN Underwriting Guidelines and in conformance with all other HUD/FHA and CBRE HMF's guidelines, statutes, regulatory and administrative requirements. Responsible for making sure the assigned projects for underwriting conform to and comply with CBRE HMF, Inc and FHA credit policies and underwriting parameters. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Production Goals - Meet performance underwriting goals established annually by Chief Underwriter. Act as liaison to borrower ensure underwriting processes move forward at a steady pace and manage the company and borrower's expectations for financing of loan. Manages assigned project underwriting expenses. Reports expense issues to Chief Underwriter. Credit Delegation - Makes credit decisions within underwriting authority. Prepares final loan underwriting recommendations for internal origination staff as well as Management staff to conform to HUD/FHA guidelines, statutes and regulations as requested. Participates in FHA loan committee, as presenting underwriter to lead project specific discussions regarding project, borrower, market and feasibility of borrower's ability to close. Researches and provides interpretation of special issues for HUD / FHA statutory and regulatory compliance for underwriting and origination staff as well as borrowers and their development team members. Reviews and assesses mortgage credit information including financial statements, verification of assets and liabilities, resumes, credit reports and references to confirm the creditworthiness of individual and corporate participants. Recommends approval or remediation of mortgage credit issues. Project Management - Manages daily underwriting processing of assigned FHA-insured projects. Manages a portfolio of projects including tracking progress of multiple parties and components, determining next steps, assigning tasks and managing to project deadlines. Reviews the economics of the project to determine feasibility and risk. Assesses third party recommended replacement reserve, absorption, operating deficit escrow and cash flow analysis for reasonableness. Recommends final project financial data and prepare appropriate HUD forms according to regulatory guidelines. Review and analyze documentation, third party reports and economic feasibility in order to develop recommendation regarding project approval including mitigation of issues, assessment of risk and proposal of special conditions or waivers. Point of contact for internal and external parties for inquiries regarding project details, status, analysis, documentation and recommendations. Manage communication of project participants to ensure project deadlines are met. Verify revisions are made to appropriate documents and vetted to appropriate parties. Keep team members informed of project status in order to facilitate conclusion of underwriting, loan closing and funding. Participates in periodic calls to report on project progress and to discuss project specific details associated with the document preparation, review, collection and 3rd party report submissions. Identifies due diligence results. Prepares the conclusion of the underwriting and financing of the proposed project loan. Directs the gathering of documents and work with analysts/processors to gather documentation from both internal and external sources, reviews and analyzes information for accuracy and organizes according to HUD requirements. Answers questions and explains guidelines in support of completion of documentation. If necessary, completes documentation for mortgagor approval. Coordinates 3rd Party Services by advising participants regarding selection of appropriately experienced third-party vendors such as surveyors,